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What I believe – How leaders learn!

How do leaders learn? I’ve spent my 30-plus year career answering that question. In this blog and on my audio podcasts I will encourage leaders to think about and learn from their work.


Why is that important? Because as JFK once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another.” Kennedy rightly noted that there is an inevitable and unavoidable connection between leaders and learning.


How so? Work is the crucible in which the learning of leaders is forged – the daily challenges and problems that confront leaders become the impetus for what they need to learn. Without the demand to overcome challenges and solve problems for which they have not yet found answers, there would be no need to learn.


Thus, when confronted with situations that are new, unknown, uncertain, ambiguous, dynamic, and unpredictable, leaders must find a way to make decisions and take actions. They must find a way to lead. And, to do that, when past experience and existing knowledge and skills fail to provide them with adequate preparation or guidance, they must learn.


Leaders must acquire new information, develop new strategies, acquire and employ new skills, and identify and implement new approaches that previously they had no need for. Their learning results from and is driven by the demands of their work.


What about you? As a leader, I hope you find that my blogs and my podcasts encourage and challenge you to use the crucible of your work to learn so that you become an even better leader.

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