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Leadership Lessons

Leadership is in the eye of the beholder

London Fletcher, former linebacker for the Washington Redskins, recently said, “The thing about leadership is, if you ask ten people about leadership, you’ll probably get ten different answers.”


 The reality is that leadership is different for everyone, that every one of us has a personal perspective on leadership that is valid for us alone, and that there are no universal attributes, strategies, and skills that all leaders must have or employ.

 What is most important about understanding leadership is that you know what leadership means to you so you can become the best leader you can be.

 What have you learned about yourself as a leader? What do you do well? What do you care most about? What experiences have you had the influenced how you lead? For example, what have you learned from bosses you worked for?

 Given all the things that have shaped how you think about leadership, what does that mean for how you lead? What do you realize is what works for you as a leader? And, what do you realize is an area that you need to improve or have others help you with?

 Knowing why and how you lead the way you do, not trying to lead like someone else, is an important step in becoming a better leader.


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